McKell Swain

Social Media Manager

Right as I went to write this bio, I reached to turn my lamp on and shocked myself. I know that this seems completely unrelated to a bio, but bear with me, it comes into play. And I mean, now you can laugh at the fact that I just electrocuted myself.

I consider myself very social, and I think everyone who knows me would agree. I’m the type of person who tries to make small talk with strangers in the store and gives people random compliments in hopes of making their day a little brighter.

When I was offered the role of Social Media Manager, I felt a little like how I just felt being shocked by my lamp. I was surprised, caught off guard, and felt a sudden jolt of energy and inspiration – a job where I get to talk to different people while promoting an awesome trivia company? Right up my alley. So, here I am, feeling thankful that I am able to work while doing something that I love, with some of the coolest people ever!

When I’m not working (or even sometimes when I am), you’ll probably find me loudly singing along to Disney songs, finding whatever excuse I can to talk to someone, or daydreaming of all of the adventures I want to experience at all of the places I plan to go someday.