NEW SHOW: DK Effect (Dayton)


Last Call Trivia will be hosting Trivia and Feud nights at DK Effect! Feud nights will take place on Mondays at 7 pm, starting October 16th. Trivia nights will be every Thursday at 7 pm, starting October 19th. This venue is an awesome brewcade with 40 craft beer taps and 60 arcade games! Patrons can bring their own food and pizza by the slice will also be available on both Trivia and Feud nights.

Venue Name: DK Effect

Day/Time: LAST CALL FEUD on Mondays at 7:00, LAST CALL TRIVIA on Thursdays at 7:00

Start Date: October 16th for Feud and October 19th for Trivia

Address: 1600 East 3rd Street, Dayton, OH 45403

Part of Town: Huffman Historic District

Phone: 937-303-7305


Specials: Beer Specials each night

Prizes: $25, $15, $10 for each show

Parking Info: Small lot in front, on street parking, and parking next door at the tire shop