No Trick Here! 5 Fun Facts About Halloween Candy

America’s sweetest holiday is sneaking up on us! Though Halloween’s total retail sales trail Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and even Easter, when it comes to candy, no holiday is sweeter than All Hallows’ Eve.

Let’s unwrap some of Halloween candy’s most interesting facts.


halloween-candy2016 Halloween Candy Sales
According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween brings in an estimated $8.4 billion in total retail sales. Of that, nearly $2 billion will be spent on candy. That’s 600 million pounds of Halloween candy for treating the neighborhood’s little tricksters! October also owns all of the top five candy-selling days of the calendar, with October 28th being the biggest candy sales day of the year.




Halloween’s Biggest Trick?
Originally created in the 1880s and called “Chicken Feed,” candy corn is as untouchable as fruitcake. The National Confectioner’s Association, however, says candy corn is the best-selling Halloween candy with about 2 billion “kernels” sold during this season and accounting for nearly 75% of candy corn’s annual 20 million pounds of sales.





Frozen NECCO Wafers?
First created in 1847, the original eight Necco flavors were lemon, lime, orange, clove, cinnamon, wintergreen, licorice, and chocolate. In 1928, Admiral Byrd shipped 2.5 tons of the New England Confectionery Company’s namesake Necco Wafer along on his two-year Antarctic expedition. Today, the company produces 630 million wafers annually that, if placed side by side, would wrap around the planet twice.





The World May Never Know…
The lollipop is always a top five treat in candy sales. The world’s favorite lollipop, Tootsie Pop, asks the most important question, “How many licks…?” According to, a Purdue University mechanical licking machine needed an average of 364 “licks” to reach the center, although human tests vary widely.
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