Official Announcement of 3rd Round Ludimentis Bids

Ludimentis Bids

3rd Round Invites

Congratulations to the following teams for earning a bid to Ludimentis [Game of the Mind] 2016. Ludimentis is the Last Call Trivia National Championship held annually in Cincinnati, Ohio in late April.

These teams ranked the highest scores nationwide at the City Tournament Finals on Saturday December 12th, 2015. We also selected the 8 City Champions from our 8 City Tournament Finals to represent their cities at the National Tournament.

Teams who were invited in the 1st Round (Winter League) or 2nd Round (Summer League) and have already RSVP’ed yes or no are not included in this list. The next team in line has been invited in their place.

This is the last chance to secure a bid to Ludimentis 2016. To participate in Ludimentis 2017, click on your city below to enroll your team and learn more!

Boise | Cincinnati | Cleveland | Columbus | Louisville | Phoenix | Pittsburgh | Portland


Your newest Ludimentis Teams are:

Team NameLeague #RankScoreLeague Season When Bid Was SecuredLudimentis Bid
Full Cortex Press1982172Fall 2015City Champ Boise
Mario Speedwagon1005366Fall 2015City Champ Cincinnati
4 Horsemen1132161Fall 2015City Champ Cleveland
Order of Magnitude1321263Fall 2015City Champ Columbus
Jefferson Juggernauts2041358Fall 2015City Champ Louisville
susan2086166Fall 2015City Champ Phoenix
Queens Full of Treys1802174Fall 2015City Champ Pittsburgh
Brick1028271Fall 2015City Champ Portland
team magic1278171Fall 20151
Red Hot Trivia Peppers1043167Fall 20152
In the Bag1114465Fall 20153
troy math1018565Fall 20154
The salmon of capistrano1195664Fall 20155
Tequila Mockingbird POR1345664Fall 20156
Strictly Anal1887563Fall 20157
journey1026362Fall 20158
Book Hockey1878862Fall 20159
The Demos1201862Fall 201510
space jam1104862Fall 201511
Quiz in my Pants BOI2013261Fall 201512
Quizatz Haderachs1219261Fall 201513
Chocolate is Not a Fruit1070661Fall 201514
prestige world wide CIN1542661Fall 201515
Pearsons19441161Fall 201516
Half Baked1105460Fall 201517
Sexy Kim Davis2053860Fall 201518
desperados1337460Fall 201519
tortellini11471260Fall 201520
Free Drinks at the Bar1640959Fall 201521
Tequila Mockingbird CIN1175959Fall 201522
Moose Knuckle Sandwich1128259Fall 201523
BrewCrew18721359Fall 201524
Bookworms1221558Fall 201525
Porn on the Cob CIN10151158Fall 201525
It’s a mouthful19861458Fall 201525


Nice work, teams! Your invitations will be sent to your team captains via email on Monday, December 21st from Please add this email address to your contacts and check your spam (or other promotions) folders. If you cannot find your invitation, please email directly.

You have one month to respond to your invitation.  All RSVPs and entry fees must be completed by 1/20/2016. If your team cannot attend or does not respond, we will invite the next eligible team.

If you have any questions about Ludimentis 2016 or your invitation, please email or call (844) BAR-TRIVIA.

See you in April!