Padrino Italian: Le curiosità della città (The Tastiest Trivia in Town)

Author: Laura Settle
Topic: Bar of the Month

What’s better than playing trivia? Playing trivia while you enjoy a locally brewed beer and a meatball the size of your head, obviously.



Padrino in Old Milford, a historic (and adorable) suburb of Cincinnati, has hosted one of the most popular trivia nights in Cincinnati since June 2011. No, really. They are consistently nominated for the Trivia Night category in the Best of Cincinnati Awards in both City Beat and Cincinnati Magazine. They’ve recently embraced their Last Call Trivia success and introduced Last Call Tunes for the music lovers that visit the restaurant to enjoy their live music events.

Every Monday and Thursday Padrino fills their main dining room with tunes and trivia teams who are eager to not only exercise their obviously impressive intellects but to enjoy what has been voted as the best pizzas in Cincinnati. Every week players are treated to a new choice of specialty pizzas, featuring everything from the Michelangelo (obviously covered in anchovies) to the John Stamos (Greek deliciousness) to my personal favorite the Kentucky Hot Brown (holy beer cheese!).

2015-01-19 08_11_28-Week 1 - Bar of the Month_Client Success Story - Google DocsLet’s face it, eating in the same restaurant every week can fast lead to what we in the business like to call Trivia Burn Out. But with the ever changing specials and an extensive list of Italian favorites like fried zucchini, chicken spinach manicotti and meatball sliders, players have plenty of options to ensure that they never get sick of Padrino. When you add in an excellent selection of local beers on draft, reasonably priced fine wines and in-house made Dark Star hot sauce on your wings, you have the ideal Last Call Trivia experience.


2015-01-19 08_12_08-Week 1 - Bar of the Month_Client Success Story - Google DocsBut to be honest, what really keeps our trivia teams coming back to Padrino is the atmosphere. Teams return week after week, welcoming newcomers with friendly ribbing and putting aside their competitive nature to sing HappyBirthday to their fellow teams. The servers spend time getting to know their regular teams and anticipate their needs and orders. Song requests are always welcome, and the group has been known to vote for listening to the entire Queen Greatest Hits CD instead of the regularly selected trivia soundtrack.

Playing Last Call Trivia at Padrino is like playing a rousing game of Trivia in your own living room, surrounded by your own friends. That is, if you living room had beer on tap and a fully staffed world class kitchen. Stop in this week and see what it is that make Padrino a Last Call Trivia success story!

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