Impressive trivia stats about how the world consumes alcohol

Have you ever been to a trivia night where a non-playing guest at the venue has had so much to drink that they start shouting out the answers? Awkward situations like these are usually relieved with a joke or a warning by your agile trivia host or bartender without any long-term effects, but…

Beer, bringing the world together.

TOTAL CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL – In 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a comprehensive study from 2010 on the drinking habits of adults (age 15+) from 190 nations. So the Top 10 of this group reads like a who’s who of former Eastern Bloc nations.

  • Belarus’ 17.5 liters of annual consumption totally sloshes their former comrades Moldova, Lithuania, Russia, Romania, and Ukraine.
  • The United States chugs 9.2 liters per person (nearly 2.5 gallons) and is ranked 48th, just behind those legendary drunks from Burundi.
  • What About… Australia (12.2 Liters), France (12.2), Ireland (11.9), Germany (11.8), United Kingdom (11.6), Canada (10.2), and Mexico (7.2).

BEER – Of the countries with more than 3.78 liters (1 US gallon) of annual consumption, Vietnam (97.3%) and Namibia (96.7%) consume the highest percentage of beer. Mexicans choose cerveza 75% of the time. In the United States, exactly 50% of the alcohol consumed is from beer. Interestingly, China, despite being the world’s largest beer producer, only drinks about 28% of its alcohol from beer.

WINE – Equatorial Guinea and Italy have similar per capita drinking habits at roughly 6.6 liters per person, but shockingly Equatorial Guinea’s consumption of wine (72.2%) far exceeds the Italians (65.6%). Uruguay, France, and Portugal all consume slightly more than half their alcohol from wine. The U.S. only sips about 17.3% of its alcohol from grapes.

The world looks ready to party.

SPIRITS – The Haitians consume 99.6% of their annual 6.4 liters of alcohol from spirits. That’s more than 1.5 gallons of Haiti’s famous Rhum Barbancourt per person! North Koreans will drink almost 1 gallon of liquor each year, comprising almost 95% of liquor, but if reports out of Pyongyang are to be believed, a special ginseng liquor they developed “is suave and causes no hangover.” American liquor consumption is 32.7% of our total.


What’s your favorite alcohol to consume when playing trivia? Remember, from all of us at Last Call, please drink responsibly!


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