Rolling with Dice

Author: David Huston
Topic: Host of the Month

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with one of the best hosts in the company and talk about trivia, hosting and more trivia.

Dice at work-edited

DH:  Why do you enjoy hosting trivia?

AD:  For starters, like my teams and players, I’m really passionate about trivia. I just completed a 27-hour internet-radio trivia contest last weekend and, honestly, I could keep going. Trivia gets under your skin and just kind of festers. I’m kinda like that as a host! I spend WAY more time creating unique playlists for every show than I should, but few moments give me more satisfaction than seeing an entire bar, not just trivia teams, singing along and participating in my show.

DH: What do you enjoy most when playing trivia?

AD: Winning. Seriously. I may act like I don’t care, but I totally care. I also enjoy the beer. Oh yeah, one of these days I would like to get the theme round on the first question, but usually I don’t get it at all, so I should probably start with baby steps.

DH:  Would you describe yourself as an extrovert or an introvert?

AD: Most people would probably say extrovert, and they’re not wrong. Although, as I’ve aged, I’ve learned to appreciate a good book, walks on the beach, the pursuit of the perfect golf swing, and headphones…all decidedly more introverted pursuits than having to be the center of attention ALL the time.

DH:  How do you incorporate your personality into your hosting job?

AD: First, I doubt many hosts anywhere put the same effort into their playlists as I do. Every song has been purposely selected to fit the question, was possibly vetted through my “trivia widow,” then triple-checked for auditory satisfaction! Once the show starts, “Dice” my TJ-personality takes over and anything goes! I don’t really do the dog-and-pony thing, but I’m always looking for creative ways to entertain each night. There are certainly times when I suspect a particular song will get people singing and dancing, and my teams get a ton of joy from slow-mo running their answers to me when I play “Chariots of Fire”.

(Just a note here, I have been at one of his games when he did that and was witness to this it was hilarious!  I started running up in slo-mo myself, stopped to give a noogie to a guy on another team who ended up tackling me and fake biting my ankle, all in slo-mo.) Every night ends up being different…I love it!

DH: What is it you see the most successful teams do that other teams don’t?

AD: The most successful teams get out and play at least weekly. The brain is a muscle and they exercise theirs way more than most of us! They also seem to be more intellectually diverse than many teams, meaning each team member has a particular “mastery” of a subject that the other members lack. Typically, really successful teams will also develop strategies for wagering and tactics for how to answer the questions they don’t know! My suggestion when you don’t know an answer…draw a picture or be funny…the host will appreciate the effort! My collection of answer pad art is rather large and definitely inappropriate!

DH: What are some of the cleverest trivia team names you have encountered?

AD: Jason Mraz said it best…it’s all about the word play! Puns, rhymes, before-and-afters, and alliterative names always entertain. I also like team names that elicit a specific response every time I say them. Then again, the borderline inappropriate ones also amuse. One of the most memorable team names was “Come to the Portland Pet and Companion Fair at the Expo Center this Saturday from 10am to 3pm. Dogs and their companions welcome. Free admission!” I think I only charged them two beers for that nonsense!


This is too difficult a question, but here’s my list (in no particular order…):

Ugly Undulating Uvulas

F Your I

Brick (and the whole bar yells “HOUSE!”)

Schipoopi On Rice

Shave Your Toilet, Ship Your Pants

Four Whores and Steven Tears A Groin

Same Ol’ Dong In Pants

Hitler’s Proofreader Was A Grammar Nazi

DH: Tell me about your participation in the Biggest trivia contest in the world in Steven’s Point, Wisconsin.

AD: There is nothing like it in the world, for over 30 years an entire town goes trivia crazy for over 54 hours strait.  I have been a remote team member on Skype but hope to be there in person next year on my team the two time reigning champions Dad’s Computers!

DH: The contest is different than Last Call in that you can use whatever resources are available to you including computers.

AD: Yeah, the advent of computers changed how the game is played and it is no longer a pure trivia contest like Last Call.  I love watching a team figure out the theme round, or even better figure it out early and reverse engineer that info to get the answer to the third question.  That’s a skill set, not your ability to Google.

DH: I agree with you one hundred percent.  Well thank you for your time, any parting words?

AD: The pursuit of knowledge is never trivial.

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