By playing at a live Last Call Trivia Event, you agree to adhere by the rules listed below.

Last Call Trivia Rules

Write Down Your Answers

Do not shout out answers. This is a friendly competition and we want everyone to have a fair shot at guessing the answer.

No Cheating

Put your phones away and do not use anything to cheat. Nothing except the weekly hints may be written down prior to the start of the game.

Team Size

You may have eight players per team during weekly play and six players per team at tournament events.

One Answer Per Team

You may only turn in one answer. Your answer cannot be changed. If no answer is turned in or no point wager is included, the lowest remaining point wager in that round will be used.

The Decisions Of The Trivia Host Are Final.

Hosts must use the questions & answers provided by Last Call Trivia writers.

Have Fun

Remember, this is only a Trivia game, so don't take the competition too seriously and have a great time!

  • It is always free to play. Please patronize the venue where you are enjoying Last Call Trivia.

9/8 – 9/15: Anthony Scaramucci, John Muir, Manuel Noriega, Richard Mulligan, Rob Lowe, Ted Turner and Winslow Homer 9/1 – 9/7: Ceylon, Cylons, Kerning, Pangaea, Procreate, Raffia, and Voltaire

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