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Please note: Your trivia host must submit all of the current week’s scores by next Tuesday. If you do not see one of your scores on the scoreboard, please give us until Wednesday to get all league scores posted. Scores are posted every few days as they are submitted by the hosts.



189.3 Trivia Tuesday57395.5
3Cacher in the Why51085
4Comfortably Dumb46277
5Sit Ubu Sit45375.5
6Jehovah Witness Protection Program45275.33
7Tequila Mockingbird45190.2
9I Don’t Even Know42470.67
10Smarty Pints40781.4
12What about Herstory?34969.8
13Fire 10033283
14Bob Ross and the Joys of Painting32982.25
16Men in Black30561
17Here 4 the beer30075
18Trivial Beersuit29874.5
19Multnomah Village People29674
20Wood for Sheep29473.5
21We Drink And We Know Things29072.5
22Average Joes28471
25Good Ansah Bob!27268
26Debbi Does Trivia27154.2
27Orange pants26488
28We’re Just Guessin’26065
30The Riddlers25986.33
31We drink and we know things … Hopefully25751.4
33Fucking Ninjas24581.67
33Carmine’s Thumb24581.67
35The Sorceror’s Stoned24180.33
36Book Hockey24080
36Double Secret Probation24080
38The April Fools23979.67
39Pin Pals23879.33
40Mental Hygiene23258
41Lennon McCartney22173.67
42Red 521973
4350 Shades of Grey Goose PDX21872.67
44Boner police21371
45Pompetus of Love21270.67
46Riff Raff20969.67
48The Drifters20468
49The Bud Knights20350.75
51The 19th Hole is Uranus20167
51Mocha the Friendly Island Cat20167
53that’s what I said20066.67
55Dirty Mike and the Boys19765.67
56The Pearsons19665.33
56Ultra Violet Beauregard19665.33
59Barely Mobile19264
62Voodoo Special18894
63Secret Asian Man18693
64Knights of Ni18291
65The Kids Table18190.5
66Zero Fox Given18060
67The Raging Bulldogs17889
68Recreational Gynecologists17658.67
69Law and Order17587.5
69Those Idiots Over There17587.5
69Banana Fanta17558.33
72The Metropolitans17487
73Les Quizerables17386.5
75Bloodbath and Beyond17085
75Nice Marmot17085
75Hepatitis B Arthur17085
80Rainier Half Quarts16984.5
80Yah Mo Be There16984.5
80Don Quizote16984.5
80Why does Texas play Rice?16984.5
80Don’t quiz on my face16984.5
80Buy The Ticket Take The Ride16984.5
80Trivia Newton Jon16984.5
87My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem16884
87Brain Damage16884
89Bipartisan Coalition16783.5
89Tacos & Kielbasas16783.5
89Pawnee Goddesses16783.5
92Bug in a Cuff16582.5
92Franklin’s Shame16582.5
92Quizatz Haderachs16582.5
92Team Umizoomi16555
98Stay Thirsty16381.5
98Tipsy Teetotalers16381.5
98Blind Robin16381.5
101Fembots Have Feelings Too16281
101Full Frontal Nerdity16281
101Too Soon16281
1013 Wise Men16281
106Hail Satan16180.5
107Free Drinks at the Bar16080
107Enchilada Iguana16080
107Prestige Worldwide16080
110Oliver and Company15979.5
110Straight Outta Chicago15979.5
110The Salmon of Capistrano15979.5
114Fuzzer Nation15879
115ragga moose15778.5
116Team Staley15678
116Glitter Pony Dance Off15678
118Mouse Rat15577.5
118Always $ In The Banana Stand15577.5
118We should do shots15577.5
122Areola Grande15477
122The Missing Link15477
122Chocolate Is Not A Fruit15477
122Red Hot Trivia Peppers15477
122Colors that end in Urple15477
127Mixed Nuts15376.5
127Here 4 The Beer15376.5
131Houston, we have a trivia problem15276
131The Empty Nesters15276
131If We Only Had a Brain15276
134Killer Amoeba15175.5
134Hughman Hart15175.5
134The Lone Punmen15175.5
134The A Team15175.5
138Me and the Kids15075
138Biotches & Sons15075
138Peanuts 2.015075
141Pour Sportsmen14974.5
1412C Goosey14974.5
141Ragnarok the House14974.5
144Ned’s Lucky Bottoms14874
144Cool Kids14874
144Jennings Trebek14874
144Porn on the Cob14874
150Magnificent Melange14773.5
150Seth & the Fat Men14773.5
152The Facts Machine14673
154Various Artists14572.5
154Crazy Cat Ladies14572.5
154Knock Knock14572.5
154Trivia Minions14572.5
154Farging Iceholes14572.5
154We Suck14572.5
160A Series of Tubes14472
161The Trivicorns14371.5
161Pug Life14371.5
163Light Treason14271
165Quiz Khalifa14170.5
165Rich Tweens14170.5
1694 Dummies13969.5
172Quizzard of Oz13869
172Ronaissance Men13869
172Rebel Scum13869
172Joe’s Stones13869
176Droppin’ Knowledge13768.5
178Youre A Quizard Harry Potter13645.33
178Sect in the City13668
178Star Wars Reference13668
178Five Finger Death Punch13668
185Lucky Buckeyes13567.5
185The Cunning Linguists13567.5
185North Portland Tweekers13567.5
189Pacific Rim Jobs13467
191Agents of Chaos13366.5
191Wookin puh nub13366.5
194Every Child Left Behind13266
194We Treat Objects Like Women13266
197Careless Whispers13065
198Here for the food12964.5
198Third Place12964.5
200Minority Report12864
200Albert Beerstein12864
203Mad Lemurs12763.5
204Who’s in my mouth?12663
204boss squad12663
207Book Club12562.5
208Those Aren’t Pillows12462
209J & J12361.5
210Bullets Bourbon Balls and Boobs12160.5
210No Whammies12160.5
212Doctor Sheldon Cooper12060
214Double Bogey11959.5
215Gavin’s Mad Nats11859
215A Team Has No Name11859
217Waffle Fries11758.5
21950 Shades of Grey Matter11557.5
220Fat Liz Lemons11356.5
221I M Smarticus11155.5
221Nosey Narwahls11155.5
224Balls to the Walls11055
224Quizzical Therapy11055
224Cargo Cult11055
227Three Musketeers and A Gopher10854
229Greyhound farts10552.5
230Brain Drain10351.5
231(The) Old Man10251
231The Orphans10251
233Trivia Sluts10150.5
233Mothers of Retention10150.5
235Minus Brad10050
236Drug Dealers9949.5
237One and a Half Lawyers9696
238Buttered Butt Toast9595
238My Chemical Bromance9547.5
238League of Extraordinary Guessers9595
241The Extraverts9447
241Pinky No Stinky9447
241Larry’s Homework9494
244Coming From Behind9393
244There’s no I in trivia9393
244Literally, I Can’t9393
247Queen City Crabs9246
247Chewbacca Brah9292
247John Wilkes Booth and the Show Stoppers9246
247Irish We Were Smarter9246
247Not Last Place9292
253The Foxymorons9191
253Slut Muffins9191
256Trump Killed Dumbledore8989
256Umbrella Corp8944.5
259We Drink & We Know Things8888
259More Cow Bell8888
259Not So Burfict8888
259Team Meatloaf8888
259I thought this was Speed Dating8888
259Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner8888
267Rocket’s Crew8787
267L. Ron Hubbard Book Club8743.5
267Winner Winner Chicken Dinner8787
267Legal Eagles8787
271Fat Little Meatballs8686
271Future Dictators of America8686
271Daycare Fight Club8686
271That’s What She Said8686
275A Rhesus Is My CoPilot8585
275The Legion of Doom8585
275Tyrannosaurus Sex8585
280Oven Mitt Hand Job8484
280Pit Crew8484
280It’s Pronounced ‘Worcestershire’8484
283The BLTs8383
283In 3rd place8383
283The Ricky Bobby’s8383
283Frank’s Little Beauties8383
283Paler than Ale8383
283Smells Like Updog in Here8383
291Doodie Brunos 18282
293Is This Speed Dating?8181
293Inspector Javert8181
297Worm Hat8080
297F Your I8080
297Innis and Gunn8080
297In the Bag8080
297Nerds of a Feather8080
297Drunk Monkeys8080
297The Trebeks8080
297The Alt Left8080
297The Last and the Furious8080
306The VERY Stable Geniuses7979
306Tubby Pupper7979
306Team Key7979
306Cece Ballerina7979
313Old Farts7878
313Bohn Zone7878
313Team Shroom7878
313Stick Economy7878
31395% Confident7878
319Turd Ferguson7777
319Hobby Horse’n7777
319Woo Woo7777
319Browns in 77777
319I Love Lamp7777
319Mediocre Presidents7777
319Front Yard Sketti Wrestlers7777
319Heavy Petting Zoo7777
327This Isnt Rocket Surgery7676
327Reverse Cowgirl7676
327The Spice Girls7676
327The Skydiving Ferrets7676
327Periodic Table Dancers 7676
327Jackson 27676
335The Plot Thickens7575
335Rhittenhouse Rye7575
335Suck It, Nerds!7575
335Trivia Slayers7575
335The Usurpers7575
335Team Coco7575
343Stanky Legg7437
343Boston Betrayal7474
343The Waldos7474
343Petrino’s Motorcycle7474
343Table 697474
343Honey Badgers7474
349Terminal Masters7373
349Treason Season7373
349Bottoms Up7373
349Garden City Jesus Camp7373
349Mark Cuban Missile Crisis7373
354The people with the babies7272
354Tequila Mockingbird (Growlerie)7272
357Let It Ride7171
357Phil Me With Your Quiz7171
357We Used To Be Smart (WUTBS)7171
360SIDS Vicious and the Babyshakers7070
360The T-Bones7070
360Three’s company, four’s an ass whippin.7070
360Epic Fail7070
364Responsibly Crunk6969
364Kevin Personal Spacey6969
367The Baggage Handlers6868
367In 4th Place & Just out of the Money6868
370We drink & we know things6767
370Hellbent for Pleather6767
370We wont be 1Ls Forever6767
373Tummy Sticks6666
373The Doctor and the Master6666
375The Alternative Facts6565
377Adios, Pantalones!6464
380The Beercats6262
382The Finger Game6161
386We’re Tryin’5959
387Lock Down5858
388New Team5757
389I Just Blue Myself5656
390Team Mac5555
390Bob’s Evicted5555
390My Couch Pulls Out But I Don’t5555
390The Team in The Back5555
390Team RWB5555
390Phallus Trebek5555
396Fish Have Two Hearts5454
398Smarty Pants5353
400Feeling Dangerous5252
400Valley Boyz5252
402Trebek’s Rejects5151
402Periodic Table Dancers5151
402League of Magnificent Bastards5151
406Trivia Newton John5050
406Fighting Salmon5050
406We come from behind5050
406My Chest Hurts5050
410Diamond Edition4949
411Lost Kennedys4848
411Dilly Dilly4848
413Pike House Rules4545
413Space Force Cadets4545
418Fetal Unicorn4343
419Home On LaGrinzer featuring DJ Chum Buckets4242
419What Was the Question4242
421Chicken Wing Tickle Fight4141
422Just not Last4040
425Full of Wit3232
426S & Double M3131
189.3 Trivia TuesdayCincinnati57395.5 1009995949392
2BeaverSheetsPortland51185.17 948887878075
3Cacher in the WhyPortland51085 949490847672
4Comfortably DumbPortland46277 958377737064
5Sit Ubu SitPortland45375.5 867875737170
6Jehovah Witness Protection ProgramPortland45275.33 978482696258
7Tequila MockingbirdCincinnati45190.2 10093888882
8BrickPortland42671 937876765251
9I Don’t Even KnowPortland42470.67 797675726656
10Smarty PintsCincinnati40781.4 9292898351
11smartinisCincinnati35871.6 8783696356
12What about Herstory?Cincinnati34969.8 8478755656
13Fire 100Pittsburgh33283 88848476
14Bob Ross and the Joys of PaintingCincinnati32982.25 97898063
15UncorkedLouisville30676.5 92747367
16Men in BlackCincinnati30561 8782723925
17Here 4 the beerCincinnati30075 92727264
18Trivial BeersuitCincinnati29874.5 84817954
19Multnomah Village PeoplePortland29674 98817542
20Wood for SheepBoise29473.5 83727069
21We Drink And We Know ThingsCincinnati29072.5 94855754
22Average JoesCincinnati28471 96865349
23CWBPortland27368.25 78746160
23Pork?!?!Cincinnati27368.25 75756360
25Good Ansah Bob!Cincinnati27268 83766251
26Debbi Does TriviaCincinnati27154.2 6660595432
27Orange pantsCincinnati26488 908985
28We’re Just Guessin’Portland26065 90655649
28StarscreamCincinnati26086.67 898784
30The RiddlersCincinnati25986.33 959173
31We drink and we know things … HopefullyPortland25751.4 7250474642
32DamnItFeelsGoodToBeAGangstaPortland25263 74666448
33Fucking NinjasPortland24581.67 878375
33Carmine’s ThumbCleveland24581.67 918371
35The Sorceror’s StonedCincinnati24180.33 828277
36Book HockeyPortland24080 868074
36Double Secret ProbationCincinnati24080 929058
38The April FoolsCleveland23979.67 918464
39Pin PalsCincinnati23879.33 847876
40Mental HygieneCincinnati23258 81584944
41Lennon McCartneyPittsburgh22173.67 797765
42Red 5Louisville21973 767370
4350 Shades of Grey Goose PDXPortland21872.67 898445
44Boner policeCincinnati21371 898143
45Pompetus of LoveCincinnati21270.67 886559
46Riff RaffCincinnati20969.67 787061
47OLEOSCincinnati20568.33 727063
48The DriftersPortland20468 706767
49The Bud KnightsPortland20350.75 68633933
50CashewsCincinnati20267.33 915853
51The 19th Hole is UranusCincinnati20167 876846
51Mocha the Friendly Island CatCleveland20167 807150
53that’s what I saidPortland20066.67 905852
54PPBVCincinnati19866 766161
55Dirty Mike and the BoysCincinnati19765.67 756854
56The PearsonsPortland19665.33 686761
56Ultra Violet BeauregardCincinnati19665.33 817639
5832APortland19565 837834
59Barely MobilePortland19264 797142
60TorgoColumbus19095 9595
61ChargersLouisville18963 817335
62Voodoo SpecialCleveland18894 9890
63Secret Asian ManCincinnati18693 10185
64Knights of NiBoise18291 9389
65The Kids TableLouisville18190.5 9190
66Zero Fox GivenCincinnati18060 737235
67The Raging BulldogsCleveland17889 8989
68Recreational GynecologistsCincinnati17658.67 875138
69Law and OrderCincinnati17587.5 9877
69Those Idiots Over TherePortland17587.5 9283
69Banana FantaCincinnati17558.33 776731
72The MetropolitansPortland17487 8787
73Les QuizerablesPortland17386.5 8786
74UnderdogsCincinnati17157 795834
75Adab’l’doyaCincinnati17056.67 685646
75Bloodbath and BeyondPortland17085 8783
75Nice MarmotColumbus17085 9377
75Hepatitis B ArthurCincinnati17085 9575
75SparkyCincinnati17085 8783
80Rainier Half QuartsPortland16984.5 8980
80Yah Mo Be TherePortland16984.5 8683
80Don QuizoteBoise16984.5 8881
80Why does Texas play Rice?Cleveland16984.5 9376
80Don’t quiz on my faceCleveland16984.5 9277
80Buy The Ticket Take The RideCincinnati16984.5 8584
80Trivia Newton JonCincinnati16984.5 8881
87My Drinking Team Has A Trivia ProblemPortland16884 8484
87Brain DamagePortland16884 8484
89Bipartisan CoalitionCincinnati16783.5 8483
89Tacos & KielbasasCincinnati16783.5 8582
89Pawnee GoddessesLouisville16783.5 8780
92BrOhioCincinnati16582.5 9075
92Bug in a CuffCincinnati16582.5 8778
92Franklin’s ShameCincinnati16582.5 9471
92Quizatz HaderachsBoise16582.5 9471
92Team UmizoomiCincinnati16555 774939
97SpongeboobzBoise16482 8876
98Stay ThirstyCleveland16381.5 9568
98Tipsy TeetotalersPortland16381.5 8875
98Blind RobinCleveland16381.5 8776
101Fembots Have Feelings TooPortland16281 8181
101Full Frontal NerdityColumbus16281 8577
101BulldogsPittsburgh16281 8181
101Too SoonCincinnati16281 8973
1013 Wise MenCleveland16281 8775
106Hail SatanColumbus16180.5 8378
107Free Drinks at the BarCincinnati16080 9268
107Enchilada IguanaCincinnati16080 8872
107Prestige WorldwideCincinnati16080 8179
110Oliver and CompanyPittsburgh15979.5 8772
110AJsCleveland15979.5 8079
110Straight Outta ChicagoPortland15979.5 9168
110The Salmon of CapistranoPortland15979.5 9069
114Fuzzer NationCincinnati15879 8078
115ragga mooseColumbus15778.5 8275
116Team StaleyPittsburgh15678 8175
116Glitter Pony Dance OffLouisville15678 8769
118Mouse RatColumbus15577.5 8174
118S4SCincinnati15577.5 8768
118Always $ In The Banana StandLouisville15577.5 8174
118We should do shotsCincinnati15577.5 8570
122Areola GrandePortland15477 8965
122The Missing LinkCleveland15477 7777
122Chocolate Is Not A FruitCincinnati15477 8173
122Red Hot Trivia PeppersLouisville15477 8866
122Colors that end in UrpleCincinnati15477 8569
127BlepPittsburgh15376.5 8568
127Mixed NutsLouisville15376.5 7875
127Here 4 The BeerCincinnati15376.5 8172
127QuigleyCleveland15376.5 8073
131Houston, we have a trivia problemCincinnati15276 8270
131The Empty NestersLouisville15276 8468
131If We Only Had a BrainBoise15276 8171
134Killer AmoebaLouisville15175.5 8962
134Hughman HartCincinnati15175.5 7873
134The Lone PunmenCincinnati15175.5 8665
134The A TeamColumbus15175.5 7873
138Me and the KidsCincinnati15075 8070
138Biotches & SonsCincinnati15075 8862
138Peanuts 2.0Cleveland15075 8070
141Pour SportsmenPortland14974.5 7772
1412C GooseyBoise14974.5 8762
141Ragnarok the HouseCincinnati14974.5 7673
144GoBigOrGoHomeLouisville14874 8068
144Ned’s Lucky BottomsCincinnati14874 7870
144Cool KidsPortland14874 8365
144Jennings TrebekCleveland14874 7474
144Porn on the CobCleveland14874 7474
144PharmersOnly.comBoise14874 8464
150Magnificent MelangeBoise14773.5 8166
150Seth & the Fat MenCincinnati14773.5 7968
152The Facts MachineBoise14673 8660
152FamCincinnati14673 8858
154Various ArtistsBoise14572.5 7966
154Crazy Cat LadiesPortland14572.5 7768
154Knock KnockPittsburgh14572.5 7471
154Trivia MinionsLouisville14572.5 8164
154Farging IceholesCincinnati14572.5 8560
154We SuckLouisville14572.5 8164
160A Series of TubesLouisville14472 7965
161The TrivicornsCincinnati14371.5 7469
161Pug LifePittsburgh14371.5 8261
163Light TreasonCincinnati14271 7864
163XXXCincinnati14271 8161
165BrewCrewPortland14170.5 7269
165WildCardsLouisville14170.5 7566
165Quiz KhalifaCleveland14170.5 8259
165Rich TweensLouisville14170.5 7170
169BuddahBoise13969.5 7960
1694 DummiesCleveland13969.5 7663
169FionaApplesauceCleveland13969.5 8752
172Quizzard of OzPortland13869 7860
172Ronaissance MenCincinnati13869 7761
172Rebel ScumCincinnati13869 7959
172Joe’s StonesCincinnati13869 7068
176Droppin’ KnowledgeCincinnati13768.5 8255
176PDQCleveland13768.5 7661
178Youre A Quizard Harry PotterPortland13645.33 643735
178Sect in the CityBoise13668 7759
178DudeFredCincinnati13668 7957
178MyCouchPittsburgh13668 8452
178Star Wars ReferencePortland13668 7066
178H.F.T.C.Portland13668 9541
178Five Finger Death PunchCleveland13668 7561
185Lucky BuckeyesColumbus13567.5 7362
185DILLIGAFCincinnati13567.5 7263
185The Cunning LinguistsCincinnati13567.5 8154
185North Portland TweekersLouisville13567.5 7362
189FUZZY LOP FACTORYCincinnati13467 7064
189Pacific Rim JobsPortland13467 8054
191RampageBoise13366.5 8053
191Agents of ChaosCleveland13366.5 8152
191Wookin puh nubCleveland13366.5 7954
194Every Child Left BehindPortland13266 7062
194We Treat Objects Like WomenBoise13266 8052
194QueefsPortland13266 8943
197Careless WhispersPortland13065 8149
198Here for the foodCincinnati12964.5 7257
198Third PlacePittsburgh12964.5 8346
200Minority ReportCleveland12864 7949
200Albert BeersteinCincinnati12864 6464
200FishsticksPittsburgh12864 7850
203Mad LemursCincinnati12763.5 8641
204DumpstarsCleveland12663 6858
204Who’s in my mouth?Cincinnati12663 7056
204boss squadCincinnati12663 6759
207Book ClubColumbus12562.5 7847
208Those Aren’t PillowsCincinnati12462 6460
209J & JCincinnati12361.5 7746
210Bullets Bourbon Balls and BoobsCleveland12160.5 7051
210No WhammiesCincinnati12160.5 7744
212BazingaCleveland12060 6753
212Doctor Sheldon CooperCleveland12060 6060
214Double BogeyColumbus11959.5 7346
215Gavin’s Mad NatsCincinnati11859 6850
215A Team Has No NameColumbus11859 7741
217Areola51Portland11758.5 7344
217Waffle FriesCincinnati11758.5 6552
21950 Shades of Grey MatterCincinnati11557.5 7243
220Fat Liz LemonsCincinnati11356.5 6845
221PRETTY CLEVER CALBORATORSPortland11155.5 7437
221I M SmarticusBoise11155.5 6843
221Nosey NarwahlsPortland11155.5 6942
224Balls to the WallsCincinnati11055 6842
224Quizzical TherapyCincinnati11055 7139
224Cargo CultCincinnati11055 6941
227LuzerCincinnati10854 5454
227Three Musketeers and A GopherCincinnati10854 7236
229Greyhound fartsCleveland10552.5 7431
230Brain DrainBoise10351.5 6340
231(The) Old ManColumbus10251 6537
231The OrphansCleveland10251 5745
233Trivia SlutsCleveland10150.5 5942
233Mothers of RetentionPortland10150.5 7130
235Minus BradColumbus10050 5545
236Drug DealersLouisville9949.5 6336
237One and a Half LawyersPittsburgh9696 96
238Buttered Butt ToastCleveland9595 95
238My Chemical BromanceCincinnati9547.5 5045
238League of Extraordinary GuessersCincinnati9595 95
241The ExtravertsPortland9447 5638
241Pinky No StinkyBoise9447 5143
241Larry’s HomeworkCincinnati9494 94
244Coming From BehindLouisville9393 93
244There’s no I in triviaPortland9393 93
244Literally, I Can’tLouisville9393 93
247Queen City CrabsCincinnati9246 5933
247Chewbacca BrahCincinnati9292 92
247John Wilkes Booth and the Show StoppersLouisville9246 5240
247Irish We Were SmarterLouisville9246 5339
247Not Last PlaceCleveland9292 92
247Smarty_PintsBoise9292 92
253The FoxymoronsCincinnati9191 91
253Slut MuffinsPortland9191 91
253WizardsCincinnati9191 91
256Trump Killed DumbledoreCincinnati8989 89
256Umbrella CorpPortland8944.5 5534
256Bam!Cincinnati8989 89
259We Drink & We Know ThingsPortland8888 88
259More Cow BellPortland8888 88
259Not So BurfictCincinnati8888 88
259Team MeatloafCincinnati8888 88
259UniballersCincinnati8888 88
259MinotaurCincinnati8888 88
259I thought this was Speed DatingCleveland8888 88
259Nobody Puts Baby in a CornerPortland8888 88
267Rocket’s CrewPortland8787 87
267L. Ron Hubbard Book ClubCincinnati8743.5 4938
267Winner Winner Chicken DinnerCincinnati8787 87
267Legal EaglesLouisville8787 87
271Fat Little MeatballsCleveland8686 86
271Future Dictators of AmericaCincinnati8686 86
271Daycare Fight ClubCleveland8686 86
271That’s What She SaidCincinnati8686 86
275A Rhesus Is My CoPilotPittsburgh8585 85
275The Legion of DoomColumbus8585 85
275Ctrl-Alt-Right-DelColumbus8585 85
275FishheadsCincinnati8585 85
275Tyrannosaurus SexCincinnati8585 85
280Oven Mitt Hand JobPortland8484 84
280Pit CrewPortland8484 84
280It’s Pronounced ‘Worcestershire’Portland8484 84
283The BLTsCincinnati8383 83
283In 3rd placePortland8383 83
283SubtacoPortland8383 83
283Wingerbang!Cleveland8383 83
283The Ricky Bobby’sLouisville8383 83
283Frank’s Little BeautiesCincinnati8383 83
283Paler than AlePortland8383 83
283Smells Like Updog in HereCincinnati8383 83
291BeefcakesBoise8282 82
291Doodie Brunos 1Cleveland8282 82
293Is This Speed Dating?Cleveland8181 81
293Inspector JavertPortland8181 81
293NerfherderLouisville8181 81
293BooyahCincinnati8181 81
297Worm HatBoise8080 80
297F Your IPortland8080 80
297Innis and GunnPortland8080 80
297In the BagCincinnati8080 80
297Nerds of a FeatherPortland8080 80
297Drunk MonkeysCincinnati8080 80
297The TrebeksCincinnati8080 80
297The Alt LeftPittsburgh8080 80
297The Last and the FuriousCincinnati8080 80
306Tmh2dColumbus7979 79
306FAMDOCCleveland7979 79
306The VERY Stable GeniusesLouisville7979 79
306Boise7979 79
306Tubby PupperPortland7979 79
306Team KeyCleveland7979 79
306Cece BallerinaCincinnati7979 79
313Old FartsCincinnati7878 78
313Bohn ZoneCincinnati7878 78
313Team ShroomPortland7878 78
313Stick EconomyPortland7878 78
31395% ConfidentCincinnati7878 78
313MTSICincinnati7878 78
319Turd FergusonBoise7777 77
319Hobby Horse’nPortland7777 77
319Woo WooBoise7777 77
319Browns in 7Cleveland7777 77
319I Love LampCleveland7777 77
319Mediocre PresidentsPortland7777 77
319Front Yard Sketti WrestlersLouisville7777 77
319Heavy Petting ZooBoise7777 77
327This Isnt Rocket SurgeryPortland7676 76
327Reverse CowgirlCincinnati7676 76
327The Spice GirlsPortland7676 76
327The Skydiving FerretsCincinnati7676 76
327Periodic Table Dancers Cincinnati7676 76
32780085Cincinnati7676 76
32768.5Pittsburgh7676 76
327Jackson 2Cleveland7676 76
335The Plot ThickensPortland7575 75
335Rhittenhouse RyeLouisville7575 75
335Suck It, Nerds!Cincinnati7575 75
335Trivia SlayersCincinnati7575 75
335NadHammerBoise7575 75
335TacocatCincinnati7575 75
335The UsurpersLouisville7575 75
335Team CocoPortland7575 75
343Stanky LeggPortland7437 5618
343Boston BetrayalCincinnati7474 74
343The WaldosPortland7474 74
343Petrino’s MotorcyclePortland7474 74
343Table 69Louisville7474 74
343Honey BadgersCincinnati7474 74
349Terminal MastersPortland7373 73
349Treason SeasonPortland7373 73
349Bottoms UpCleveland7373 73
349Garden City Jesus CampBoise7373 73
349Mark Cuban Missile CrisisCincinnati7373 73
354The people with the babiesPortland7272 72
354Hot_MessPortland7272 72
354Tequila Mockingbird (Growlerie)Portland7272 72
357Let It RidePortland7171 71
357Phil Me With Your QuizCincinnati7171 71
357We Used To Be Smart (WUTBS)Cincinnati7171 71
360SIDS Vicious and the BabyshakersCincinnati7070 70
360The T-BonesCincinnati7070 70
360Three’s company, four’s an ass whippin.Cincinnati7070 70
360Epic FailBoise7070 70
364Responsibly CrunkLouisville6969 69
364YolmerCleveland6969 69
364Kevin Personal SpaceyCincinnati6969 69
367The Baggage HandlersPortland6868 68
367In 4th Place & Just out of the MoneyCincinnati6868 68
367GarmanarnarCincinnati6868 68
370We drink & we know thingsLouisville6767 67
370Hellbent for PleatherBoise6767 67
370We wont be 1Ls ForeverCleveland6767 67
373Tummy SticksCleveland6666 66
373The Doctor and the MasterCincinnati6666 66
375The Alternative FactsCincinnati6565 65
375gamersLouisville6565 65
377Adios, Pantalones!Portland6464 64
378DAVECincinnati6363 63
378MeliciousCleveland6363 63
380The BeercatsCincinnati6262 62
380LUKE, I AM YOUR DADDYPortland6262 62
382The Finger GameColumbus6161 61
383GolfaddictsPortland6060 60
383BeesCleveland6060 60
383DemosPortland6060 60
386We’re Tryin’Cincinnati5959 59
387Lock DownCincinnati5858 58
388New TeamCincinnati5757 57
389I Just Blue MyselfCincinnati5656 56
390Team MacPortland5555 55
390Bob’s EvictedCincinnati5555 55
390My Couch Pulls Out But I Don’tPortland5555 55
390The Team in The BackPortland5555 55
390Team RWBCincinnati5555 55
390Phallus TrebekCincinnati5555 55
396Fish Have Two HeartsCleveland5454 54
396OreosCincinnati5454 54
398CalculustPortland5353 53
398Smarty PantsLouisville5353 53
400Feeling DangerousCleveland5252 52
400Valley BoyzCincinnati5252 52
402TheBaileyCincinnati5151 51
402Trebek’s RejectsBoise5151 51
402Periodic Table DancersLouisville5151 51
402League of Magnificent BastardsLouisville5151 51
406Trivia Newton JohnPortland5050 50
406Fighting SalmonPortland5050 50
406We come from behindCincinnati5050 50
406My Chest HurtsPortland5050 50
410Diamond EditionPortland4949 49
411Lost KennedysBoise4848 48
411Dilly DillyCincinnati4848 48
413Pike House RulesCincinnati4545 45
413HoneybunsBoise4545 45
413Space Force CadetsCincinnati4545 45
416SnafuPortland4444 44
416NWTQsCincinnati4444 44
418Fetal UnicornBoise4343 43
419Home On LaGrinzer featuring DJ Chum BucketsLouisville4242 42
419What Was the QuestionPortland4242 42
421Chicken Wing Tickle FightPortland4141 41
422Just not LastCleveland4040 40
422#BundtcakeCincinnati4040 40
424MonsterzBoise3333 33
425Full of WitPortland3232 32
426S & Double MCincinnati3131 31