These are all Last Call Trivia scores in Cleveland, Ohio. Look below to find your team’s scores and progress.

Please note: Your trivia host must submit all of the current week’s scores by next Tuesday. If you do not see one of your scores on the scoreboard, please give us until Wednesday to get all league scores posted. Scores are posted every few days as they are submitted by the hosts.

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1Daycare Fight Club50183.5
2Voodoo Special49782.83
33 Wise Men48080
4Carmine’s Thumb46577.5
5Why does Texas play Rice?45475.67
8Stay Thirsty43672.67
8The Missing Link43672.67
10The April Fools42570.83
11Peanuts 2.042470.67
12Jennings Trebek42070
14Not Last Place41769.5
15I Love Lamp41569.17
16Team Key41469
17Fat Little Meatballs41168.5
18Minority Report40667.67
19Mocha the Friendly Island Cat40267
20Five Finger Death Punch39666
22Blind Robin39278.4
23Bottoms Up38163.5
24Wookin puh nub36372.6
25Tummy Sticks36260.33
26Porn on the Cob36172.2
26I thought this was Speed Dating36160.17
28Steve Buckshot35058.33
29Doctor Sheldon Cooper34858
31We wont be 1Ls Forever32965.8
324 Dummies32565
33Quiz Khalifa32364.6
35The Orphans30851.33
36Trivia Sluts30450.67
38Feeling Dangerous27454.8
39Taco Corp26766.75
40The Raging Bulldogs26566.25
41Buttered Butt Toast26488
42Tamily Matters26265.5
43Sweet Baby Angles26165.25
44Agents of Chaos25664
45Team Daisy24962.25
47Bullets Bourbon Balls and Boobs23759.25
49Forget Me Nows22374.33
50Browns in 719966.33
51No Body No Crime19464.67
52Fish Have Two Hearts18060
53Man Buns17458
54Don’t quiz on my face16984.5
55Mike and Bob in the Morning16180.5
57Is This Speed Dating?15276
59Greyhound farts14147
60Jackson 213969.5
61Doodie Brunos 113768.5
62Where’s Jason White?12663
63Booze Clues12361.5
64Just not Last11256
65You Wanna Pizza This?10251
66Nate & Friends9949.5
67The Master Debaters9648
68The Brewsual Suspects9246
71Banatalie Portman7676
72Girls, Donuts7070
73See You Next Tuesday6565
75Random Team Name5050
76Return of Dap City4949
77Hop Hogs4848

1Daycare Fight Club50183.5 978886797675
2Voodoo Special49782.83 989088847067
33 Wise Men48080 878480777775
4Carmine’s Thumb46577.5 918378787164
5Why does Texas play Rice?45475.67 938477766361
6Quigley44974.83 838080757358
7Wingerbang!44273.67 858375756361
8Stay Thirsty43672.67 958068656464
8The Missing Link43672.67 797877776560
10The April Fools42570.83 918477645554
11Peanuts 2.042470.67 807370696765
12Jennings Trebek42070 797474746158
13FionaApplesauce41869.67 877875715552
14Not Last Place41769.5 927170696055
15I Love Lamp41569.17 898077736630
16Team Key41469 817972636059
17Fat Little Meatballs41168.5 867675695847
18Minority Report40667.67 797369696155
19Mocha the Friendly Island Cat40267 807575715150
20Five Finger Death Punch39666 757070696151
21PDQ39365.5 767262626160
22Blind Robin39278.4 8987767268
23Bottoms Up38163.5 767365645845
24Wookin puh nub36372.6 8579776854
25Tummy Sticks36260.33 827666643836
26Porn on the Cob36172.2 8274747358
26I thought this was Speed Dating36160.17 886861605331
28Steve Buckshot35058.33 686763605834
29Doctor Sheldon Cooper34858 706260605838
30Bees34257 706860524943
31We wont be 1Ls Forever32965.8 8076675947
324 Dummies32565 7669646353
33Quiz Khalifa32364.6 8267665949
34Dumpstars31162.2 7370685842
35The Orphans30851.33 665756484536
36Trivia Sluts30450.67 725955454231
37Melicious28571.25 79766763
38Feeling Dangerous27454.8 8158524835
39Taco Corp26766.75 84735555
40The Raging Bulldogs26566.25 89894839
41Buttered Butt Toast26488 958782
42Tamily Matters26265.5 74736055
43Sweet Baby Angles26165.25 76686057
44Agents of Chaos25664 81695452
45Team Daisy24962.25 78645552
46Bazinga23959.75 67615853
47Bullets Bourbon Balls and Boobs23759.25 70605651
48Yolmer22957.25 69606040
49Forget Me Nows22374.33 857464
50Browns in 719966.33 777250
51No Body No Crime19464.67 847832
52Fish Have Two Hearts18060 795447
53Man Buns17458 766434
54Don’t quiz on my face16984.5 9277
55Mike and Bob in the Morning16180.5 8675
56AJs15979.5 8079
57Is This Speed Dating?15276 8171
58FAMDOC14548.33 793432
59Greyhound farts14147 743631
60Jackson 213969.5 7663
61Doodie Brunos 113768.5 8255
62Where’s Jason White?12663 6858
63Booze Clues12361.5 8241
64Just not Last11256 7240
65You Wanna Pizza This?10251 6537
66Nate & Friends9949.5 5049
67The Master Debaters9648 6828
68The Brewsual Suspects9246 4844
69Bromigos8282 82
70PepperJacks8181 81
71Banatalie Portman7676 76
72Girls, Donuts7070 70
73See You Next Tuesday6565 65
74FOF6262 62
75Random Team Name5050 50
76Return of Dap City4949 49
77Hop Hogs4848 48