These are all Last Call Trivia scores in Louisville, Kentucky. Look below to find your team’s scores and progress.

Please note: Your trivia host must submit all of the current week’s scores by next Tuesday. If you do not see one of your scores on the scoreboard, please give us until Wednesday to get all league scores posted. Scores are posted every few days as they are submitted by the hosts.



1Always $ In The Banana Stand51485.67 998887858174
2Killer Amoeba49382.17 928983797872
3Chargers48981.5 908481818073
4A Series of Tubes45676 967976736765
5Uncorked45275.33 927774736967
6Red 544874.67 817675737271
7The Kids Table44574.17 919089785740
7Red Hot Trivia Peppers44574.17 888275706664
9Mixed Nuts42570.83 907875655958
10WildCards41969.83 757271706665
11GoBigOrGoHome41268.67 828070685854
12We Suck40567.5 817066646262
13Coming From Behind40380.6 9392868052
14Trivia Minions37362.17 828164515045
15Nerfherder36260.33 817658545439
16Responsibly Crunk35571 9080696947
17Irish We Were Smarter34056.67 777153504643
18Rich Tweens32865.6 7170706255
19Glitter Pony Dance Off30877 87807269
20League of Magnificent Bastards30761.4 7676575147
21The VERY Stable Geniuses30275.5 79787372
22Pawnee Goddesses29874.5 87806764
23The Empty Nesters27568.75 84776846
23Table 6927568.75 83746751
25The Usurpers27167.75 75726460
26The Rick Rollers25363.25 74686249
27My Chemical Bromance24260.5 77646338
28Literally, I Can’t22274 937752
29John Wilkes Booth and the Show Stoppers21954.75 73545240
30gamers20869.33 826561
31North Portland Tweekers20267.33 736762
31We drink & we know things20267.33 726763
33Roon Squad19765.67 727253
34Periodic Table Dancers17658.67 636251
35George Jefferson Community College16080 8179
36Dakotas Dummies15551.67 595541
37The Ricky Bobby’s14572.5 8362
38Rhittenhouse Rye14371.5 7568
39Shedfaced13668 7561
40New Year, Same Mediocre Trivia Team13366.5 6964
41Boat Drunks13266 6963
42Drug Dealers9949.5 6336
43Legal Eagles8787 87
44Kobayashi Maru8181 81
45In Last Place6161 61
46Smarty Pants5353 53
47Home On LaGrinzer featuring DJ Chum Buckets4242 42
48We Make You Look Smart3737 37
49Pickles2828 28
50Southern Moscow Mules2626 26