Summer Trivia League Finals Scores 2018

Congratulations to the following teams who will be attending Ludimentis 2019 on April 27, 2019.


League #Team NameRank at Winter FinalsScore at Winter FinalsCity
393Wet Heaves164Boise
7589.3 Trivia Tuesday170Cincinnati
792The April Fools174Cleveland
179A Series of Tubes160Louisville
462A Rhesus is My CoPilot169Pittsburgh
256There’s No I in Trivia166Portland

League #Team NameRank at Winter FinalsScore at Winter FinalsCity
77Mouse Rat270Columbus
46Ronaissance Men266Cincinnati
295Strictly Anal365Cincinnati
148Those Aren’t Pillows464Cincinnati
257Sit Ubu Sit263Portland
294Gone To the Dogs363Columbus
347Multnomah Village People362Portland
91Prestige Worldwide561Cincinnati
195The Trivicorns661Cincinnati
201Knights of Ni260Boise
363SIDS Vicious and the Babyshakers760Cincinnati
854George Jefferson Community College259Louisville
198Bob Ross and the Joys of Painting859Cincinnati
362Voodoo Special258Cleveland
99Teach Me How 2 Dougie458Columbus
821Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner457Portland
417Rocket’s Crew557Portland
588Porn on the Cob356Cleveland
140Four Simple Minds955Cincinnati
14Tequila Mockingbird1055Cincinnati
328The Riddlers1155Cincinnati
290Wood for Sheep354Boise
265The VERY Stable Geniuses354Louisville
768Meep Mop Moop554Columbus
789Team Revenant East253Pittsburgh

393Wet Heaves64Boise
201Knights of Ni60Boise
290Wood for Sheep54Boise
494Sect in the City48Boise
114Magnificent Melange47Boise
777Hellbent for Pleather40Boise
111The Facts Machine39Boise
81If We Only Had a Brain32Boise
448Lost Kennedys32Boise
69Quizatz Haderachs31Boise
291Turd Ferguson30Boise
135Trebeks Rejects26Boise
3552C Goosey25Boise
249We Treat Objects Like Women15Boise
57We Like to Come From Behind12Boise
7589.3 Trivia Tuesday70Cincinnati
46Ronaissance Men66Cincinnati
295Strictly Anal65Cincinnati
148Those Aren’t Pillows64Cincinnati
91Prestige Worldwide61Cincinnati
195The Trivicorns61Cincinnati
363SIDS Vicious and the Babyshakers60Cincinnati
198Bob Ross and the Joys of Painting59Cincinnati
140Four Simple Minds55Cincinnati
14Tequila Mockingbird55Cincinnati
328The Riddlers55Cincinnati
233That’s What She Said49Cincinnati
434Trivial Beersuit45Cincinnati
30Average Joes44Cincinnati
379Tyrannosaurus Sex44Cincinnati
50We Drink and We Know Things44Cincinnati
155Enchilada Iguana41Cincinnati
378Orange Pants41Cincinnati
810Hooray for Snow Days39Cincinnati
231Mad Lemurs37Cincinnati
132Seth & the Fat Men34Cincinnati
236Flock of Steven Seagals30Cincinnati
158I Just Blue Myself29Cincinnati
7Recreational Gynecologists25Cincinnati
51Electric Monks24Cincinnati
138Periodic Table Dancers22Cincinnati
792The April Fools74Cleveland
362Voodoo Special58Cleveland
588Porn on the Cob56Cleveland
333A Team47Cleveland
334Dap City Strikes Back46Cleveland
6463 Wise Men45Cleveland
222Forget Me Nows44Cleveland
90The Paper Boys42Cleveland
522Jennings Trebek41Cleveland
329Doctor Sheldon Cooper39Cleveland
600Wookin puh nub35Cleveland
666Daycare Fight Club33Cleveland
492Big Cans and the Tall Boys26Cleveland
538Mike and Bob in the Morning23Cleveland
342Slam Drunks23Cleveland
500Minority Report21Cleveland
219You Wanna Pizza This?20Cleveland
7704 Dummies15Cleveland
673The Stray Cats13Cleveland
598The Missing Link10Cleveland
741Not Last Place6Cleveland
536Five Finger Death Punch0Cleveland
833I Love Lamp0Cleveland
73See You Next Tuesday0Cleveland
77Mouse Rat70Columbus
294Gone To the Dogs63Columbus
99Teach Me How 2 Dougie58Columbus
768Meep Mop Moop54Columbus
836I’m a Slav 4 U47Columbus
633Book Club40Columbus
105Full Frontal Nerdity40Columbus
403Ragga Moose32Columbus
314My Couch Pulls Out But I Don’t27Columbus
720Craft Life9Columbus
243Quiz In My Pants0Columbus
634The A Team0Columbus
179A Series of Tubes60Louisville
854George Jefferson Community College59Louisville
265The VERY Stable Geniuses54Louisville
299Killer Amoeba53Louisville
88Literally, I Can’t46Louisville
350Red Hot Trivia Peppers35Louisville
143Always $ in the Banana Stand31Louisville
166Kobayashi Maru31Louisville
269Powers That Be31Louisville
227Red 526Louisville
384Periodic Table Dancers25Louisville
164Coming From Behind24Louisville
62Trivia Minions15Louisville
805Bad Girls Club Louisville
462A Rhesus is My CoPilot69Pittsburgh
789Team Revenant East53Pittsburgh
35Team Revenant52Pittsburgh
526Fire 10045Pittsburgh
400Hastily Named44Pittsburgh
516Fighting Doughboys42Pittsburgh
31Lennon McCartney40Pittsburgh
627The Alt Left13Pittsburgh
256There’s No I in Trivia66Portland
257Sit Ubu Sit63Portland
347Multnomah Village People62Portland
821Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner57Portland
417Rocket’s Crew57Portland
419Die Bart, Die53Portland
302Quizzard of Oz53Portland
190Jehovah’s Witness Protection Program52Portland
785Pecan Sandies50Portland
33Cacher in the Why44Portland
298Trivia Newton John44Portland
170We Drink and We Know Things…Hopefully42Portland
573Mediocre Presidents40Portland
514Careless Whispers39Portland
266Fighting Salmon39Portland
173The Salmon of Capistrano39Portland
53The Waldos39Portland
416Bloodbath and Beyond37Portland
122Semi-Competitive Friend Time35Portland
239The People With the Babies33Portland
275Cool Kids32Portland
127Helen Kelelr Bird Watching Society30Portland
442My Couch Pulls Out But I Don’t30Portland
643Every Child Left Behind29Portland
60In 3rd Place28Portland
108More Cow Bell28Portland
644Aidios, Pantalones!21Portland
255Mustard Tigers12Portland
47Nerds of a Feather6Portland
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