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When the first Men’s U.S. College Basketball tournament was held in 1939…. How many teams participated? Think you know the answer? Before checking it out, take a guess in the comments below! Share Want more? Check out even more fun trivia questions below. [carousel_slide id=’8577′]

We’re Going Streaking…Basketball Edition!

Few moments are more exhilarating than being involved in a streak. Players, teams, fans, and especially, the media all get swept up into the frenzy created by the streak and we believe that our unbridled collective passion gives us some personal responsibility in the continuation of the streak. But what happens when a streak ends? Or worse, just as Frank …

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The Madness Has Set In

That time of year is upon us, and you’re ready. You studied the polls, the pundits, and the RPI index (the what now?) before making your selections. Now that the office basketball brackets are filled out, you can sit back and enjoy the games upon games upon games that will fill your TV day and …

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