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Kara Wiley, Celebrity Host

Celebrity host, Kara, says her Celeb Dream Trivia Team would consist of Bob Costas, Natalie Portman, Conan O’Brien, Bill Nye, and Steve Martin. Who’s on your Celeb Trivia Dream Team? #celebdreamteam #youreonmyteam

Billy tells us about Ludimentis

What’s Billy doing? Studying for Ludimentis, of course. If you don’t have time to watch Billy’s video (2:14), he answers these pressing questions for Last Call Trivia teams: What’s Ludimentis? The national Trivia tournament held each April in Cincinnati, Ohio. How do you qualify? League teams play in the seasonal tournaments each Winter, Spring/Summer, and Fall. The 8 …

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How to create the perfect playlist for Trivia Night

Our music guy and Phoenix Celebrity Host, Joey Partee, shares some of his best tips for creating the perfect playlist. Tips from video: Include popular songs everyone knows, but feel free to expose your crowd to some well-chosen new material as well. Keep people engaged and having fun with upbeat songs. Keep it classy, avoid profanity. Spotify is …

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