That’s Amore! Did You Know October Is National Pizza Month?

It’s official! Strike up the band! October is Dice’s favorite month of the year. First of all, October ends in a celebration where people willingly give my offspring free candy for me to eat–ahem, I mean, make sure isn’t laced with razor blades. Halloween is still weeks away, but it isn’t too late to start celebrating Dice’s other favorite part about October, National Pizza Month. Grab a slice of your favorite pie and let’s take a bite of some of pizza’s biggest moments.

pizza-today1984 – National Pizza Month – USA
Orchestrated in 1984 by Gerry Durnell, publisher of the extra-cheesy industry magazine Pizza Today, National Pizza Month is best celebrated by eating lots and lots of pizza. In Dice’s mind, pizza is the perfect food that can and should be consumed at all times of day, but pizza and trivia together has to be my favorite.




worlds-largest-pizza2012 – World’s Largest Pizza – Rome, Italy
Constructed by five Italian chefs, in late 2012 Guinness recognized the gluten-free, 131-foot diameter colossus named “Ottavia” (honoring first Roman Emperor Octavian Augustus) as the World’s Largest Pizza. The not-so-secret recipe contained 19,200 lbs. of flour; 10,000 lbs. of sauce; and 8,800 lbs. of oozing mozzarella cheese. Dice hates when they leave off the pepperoni, but this pie weighed in at 51,257 lbs., so it seems cruel to ask them to deliver another.


worlds-longest-pizza2016 – World’s Longest Pizza – Naples, Italy
Arguably the birthplace of modern pizza, Naples regained the title of World’s Longest Pizza by fabricating a 1.15-mile long pizza that was cooked by five motorized wood-burning ovens. 250 chefs needed 11 hours to assemble the traditional Neapolitan “Margherita” pizza using 4,400 lbs. of flour; 4,400 lbs. of fiordilatte cheese (cow’s milk mozzarella); 3,527 lbs. of tomato sauce; and 66 lbs. of basil. Once Guinness confirmed the record, dignitaries, chefs, and on-lookers were treated to slices of pie and surplus was donated to those in need.


What’s your favorite kind of pizza? Let us know in the comments, trivia fans.