That’s Our Baby Crying…

It’s always hard to come up with that perfect clever team name on trivia night. We get it. So when a truly original and heartwarming team name pops up, we want to highlight it.

In Cincinnati, Last Call Trivia team members came up with the name “That’s Our Baby Crying” and struck gold.

Team leaders Whitney and John have been coming to the Last Call Trivia shows for several years. Their child, Darcy, is the infamous baby in their team name.

She is totes totally adorable and is definitely a music lover.

Perhaps the funniest thing about this trivia group is that they have decided to no longer use this team name, and the reasons are pretty cute.

To start, it is now no longer just John and Whitney playing, their friends and family come, too.

Trivia teams have a funny way of expanding like that. Secondly, Darcy celebrated her 1st birthday and she is no longer a baby. They grow up so fast! 😉

So, while Darcy isn’t really crying anymore, their new team name is “Wait, Wait We Know This” and they even did the epitome of team play – got a stamp with their team name and league number on it. #teamspiration

Darcy aka That’s Our Baby Crying