The Year the Music Died: A Playlist for 2016

A friend shared an interesting tweet a few weeks ago. It read something like, “In 20 years when playing Trivia, if the question starts with ‘In what year…’ the answer will be 2016.” As this year comes to a close, it certainly feels like that could be the truest statement of the year. From the Zika Virus to the recent election and everything in between, there’s no arguing that this has been a strange year. And I can confidently say that for a good many of us, 2017 can hurry up and get here.

For me, especially as a Trivia host, 2016 will be the year we lost many of my favorite musicians. In January, David Bowie’s death shocked us all. Prince’s passing in April was stunning. By the time I learned of Sharon Jones’ losing battle with cancer in November, I was almost numb with loss. Honestly, I’ve tried writing this post for two weeks, and every time I start, I can’t finish, because I know that I can’t possibly do justice to any one of those brilliant lights that so generously shared their gifts with the world.

Instead, I’m offering this playlist honoring so many of the musicians we lost in 2016. If I missed someone or you want a song added to the playlist, please let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to add it to the mix.

Click here for Dice’s 2016 Playlist.

Thank you for the music. Rest in peace.