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Monday, August 13, 2018

Are you ready for some football…Trivia? Put some pads on and get ready to tackle the competition at a night that is sure to get you ready for the start of the season. See you there!

Participating locations coming soon.

7:00 PM – Buffalo Wings and Rings (https://www.facebook.com/bwrcrestviewhills/)
7:30 PM – Fireside Pizza Walnut Hills (https://m.facebook.com/FiresidePizzaWagon/)
7:00 PM – Little Miami Brewing Company (https://www.facebook.com/littlemiamibrewing/)

Participating locations coming soon.

Participating locations coming soon.

Participating locations coming soon.

Participating locations coming soon.

Participating locations coming soon.

Participating locations coming soon.

The Office

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Come out and show everyone why “Loser” will be on their tombstone at your local Office trivia night! Remember, even if you’re just checking your Grindr account, you can’t check smart phones during trivia. See you there!

8:00 PM – Flying M Coffeegarage (www.flyingmcoffee.com)
8:30 PM – Hyde Park Pub (http://www.harryshydepark.com/)

7:00 PM – Higher Gravity (www.highergravitycrafthaus.com/)
8:00 PM – Longnecks Sports Grill Hebron (www.longneckssportsgrill.com)
7:00 PM – Lucky Duck Pub (www.facebook.com/luckyduckpub)
7:00 PM – The Casual Pint Mason (https://www.facebook.com/casualpintmason/)
8:00 PM – Murphy’s Pub (https://www.facebook.com/Murphys-Pub-131923302196/)
8:00 PM – Mac’s Pizza Pub (Landen) (https://www.facebook.com/macslanden/)
8:00 PM – Longnecks Sports Grill Wilder (www.longnecksportsgrill.com)
8:00 PM – Longnecks Sports Grill Richwood (www.longnecksportsgrill.com)
8:00 PM – Par’s Place (https://www.facebook.com/ParsPlace/)
8:00 PM – Oakley Pub and Grill (oakleypubandgrill.com)
7:00 PM – Mio’s Anderson (https://www.facebook.com/miosanderson/)
7:00 PM – Legends (facebook.com/legends.bar.veune)
7:00 PM – Braxton Brewing Company (https://www.facebook.com/BraxtonBrewingCompany/)
7:00 PM – The Village Tavern (www.facebook.com/thevillagetavernmontgomery)
8:00 PM – 915 Pub and Grill (
7:00 PM – Envision Cinemas Bar & Grille (https://www.facebook.com/envisioncinemas/)
8:00 PM – The Brass Tap USquare (https://www.facebook.com/TheBrassTapUsquare/)
8:00 PM – Mac’s Pizza Pub (macsonthepike.com)
7:00 PM – West Side Brewing (http://www.westsidebrewing.com/)
7:00 PM – THE GROWLER HOUSE (www.thegrowlerhouse.com)
8:00 PM – Bacalls Cafe (bacallscafe.com)
7:00 PM – POP Bar (https://www.localpostcincy.com/)

8:00 PM – Barmacy Bar and Grill (Facebook.com/barmacybarandgrill)

Participating locations coming soon.

8:00 PM – DiOrio’s Pizza and Pub (www.facebook.com/DiOriosPizzaPubBaxter/)
7:00 PM – That’s The Ticket (https://www.facebook.com/theticketgeorgetown/)

7:00 PM – Shady Grove (www.facebook.com/shadygroveshadyside)

7:30 PM – Marathon Taverna (https://www.instagram.com/marathontaverna/)

Participating locations coming soon.


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Hope you have your brown pants on, because this isn’t a drill; Marvel (Cinematic Universe) themed trivia night is coming. Assemble your team and join the battle as the ultimate MCU fan at one of the participating locations in your city. See you there!

7:00 PM – Barrelhouse (www.barrelhouse.beer)

7:00pm – Chapter Mt Adams (Mtadamschapter.com)
7:00 PM – The Pike (www.facebook.com/the-pike-86148489429/)
8:00 PM – Mecklenburg Gardens (https://www.mecklenburgs.com/)
8:00 PM – Champions Grille (https://www.facebook.com/ChampionsGrille/)
7:00 PM – FigLeaf Brewing Co. (https://www.facebook.com/FigLeafCo)
7:00 PM – Braxton Labs (https://www.facebook.com/BraxtonLabs/)
8:00 PM – Common Roots (https://www.facebook.com/CommonRootsPub/)
7:00 PM – The Casual Pint Oakley Station (https://www.facebook.com/casualpintoakleystation/)
7:00 PM – Fox and hound (https://www.facebook.com/TheFoxAndHoundMason/)
8:00 PM – Macs Pizza Pub Mainstrasse (https://www.macspizzamainstrasse.com/)
8:00 PM – Game On (https://www.facebook.com/gameonwestside/)
8:00 PM – Oreilly’s Irish Pub (https://www.oreillysirishbar.com/)
8:00 PM – Mac’s Pizza Pub Clifton (https://www.facebook.com/macspizzapubclifton/)
7:00 PM – Swine City Brewing (https://www.facebook.com/SwineCityBrewing/)
7:00 PM – POP Bar (https://www.localpostcincy.com/)


7:30 PM – Grindstone Tap House (www.facebook.com/GrindstoneTaps/)
7:00 PM – Working Class Brewery (https://www.facebook.com/ohioworkingclassbrewery/)

7:30 PM – Coaches Bar and Grill (www.facebook.com/coachesbethelroad)

7:00 PM – Floyd County Brewing (Floydcountybrewing.com)

Participating locations coming soon.

7:00 PM – Spud Monkeys (https://www.facebook.com/spudmonkeys2)
7:00 PM – Arena Sports Bar (Www.arenasportsbar174.com)
7:00 PM – Falls View Tavern (https://www.facebook.com/Falls-View-Tavern-113526935335990/)
7:00 PM – Bella Pizza (www.bellapizzapdx.com)

Participating locations coming soon.

90's Music Trivia

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Tell us what you want, what you really really want. Is it to be the Queen of 90s music knowledge? Entertain us and come out to your local participating theme location to show us why you’re an All Star. See you there!

7:00 PM – SlyceBox Kuna (http://www.slyce-box.com/)

7:00 PM – Kitty’s Sports Grill (http://kittyssportsgrill.net/)
8:00 PM – Anderson Pub and Grill (https://www.andersonpubandgrill.com/)
7:30 PM – Wooden cask brewery (https://facebook.com/woodencask)
6:30 PM – Eli’s Sportsbar and Grill (https://elissportsbar.com/ross/)
6:30 PM – Urban Artifact (https://www.facebook.com/urbanartifactbrewing/)
7:30 PM – Shooters Sports Grill Forest Park (www.Shooterssportsgrill.com)
7:00 PM – The Casual Pint Mason (www.facebook.com/casualpintmason/)
7:00 PM – Old Firehouse Brewery (https://www.facebook.com/oldfirehousebrewery/)
7:00 PM – 13 Below Brewery (https://www.facebook.com/13belowbrewery/)
7:30 PM – Kaze (Www.kazeotr.com)
7:30 PM – Delicio Coal Fired Pizza (Www.deliciocoalfiredpizza.com)
7:00 PM – Envision Cinemas Bar & Grille (https://www.facebook.com/envisioncinemas/)
7:30 PM – The Park Tavern (Www.parktavernbar.com)
7:00 PM – Westside Sports Bar & Grill (https://www.facebook.com/westsidesportsbarandgrill/)
8:00 PM – Lucky Turtle (https://www.facebook.com/luckyturtlefinneytown/)
7:00 PM – The Casual Pint Mason (https://www.facebook.com/casualpintmason/)
7:00 PM – Sammy’s Craft Burgers and Beers, Mason (https://www.sammyscbb.com/)

Participating locations coming soon.

Participating locations coming soon.

Participating locations coming soon.

8:00 PM – Ringo’s Bar & Grill (facebook.com/ringosbar)
7:00 PM – Topgolf (topgolf.com or facebook.com/topgolfhillsboro)
7:30 PM – Gemini Bar and Grill (http://www.geminibarandgrill.com/)

7:00 PM – Tapz On Corey Ave (https://www.facebook.com/TapzOnCoreyAve/)

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Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need to register ahead of time. Simply show up! We recommend getting there early to make sure you can get a seat, especially at some of the more popular theme shows.

You’ll have to check with the venue where you intend to play. We’ll update Facebook events as we find out more information.

Theme scores do not count toward the league.

It’s free to play! Please patronize the bar or restaurant where you are enjoying trivia.

Each venue picks it’s own prizes, but usually they’re gift cards. Call ahead if you’re dying of curiosity! 

We will serve teams on a first-come, first-serve basis. If the show becomes overcrowded, we will suggest another location for you to participate in. Come early to secure your seat!