Top 10 Funniest Team Names in Cincy

1.I Shih Tzu Not

They come for a good time, good conversation, and a decent meal. Team leaders Jeff and Tim are funny and have a deep knowledge of many things, including music. They especially like the occasional music clue!

2. The Foxymorons

This team has been the reigning champ at The Pike for years now. They are rarely beaten and, thus, other teams have made it their mission to do so. It’s rather entertaining to watch every team get angry (not for real) every week when Christina Hughes, Cincy trivia host, plays their theme song (Foxey by Jimi Hendrix) at the end of every show. They always manage to pull out the win!

3. Trivia Newton Jon

Self-described as an okay/good team that values players with more life experience. (Perhaps this is sage advice for the rest of you)! Dennis Pattinson, a Cincy trivia host said, “What I think most impressed me was when I messed up scoring their final answer, they graciously let me know after I had already handed out the bar’s gift certificates, and I was able to announce to the bar my mistake, award the winning team the gift certificate I had already awarded to TNJ, and the bar applauded their honesty.” (Yeah, it really was the whole La La Land/Moonlight thing and Dennis was Steve Harvey.)

Oh yeah, and the best part about Trivia Newton Jon? The team leader’s name is Jon.

4. Mental Hygiene

A delightful collection of folks led by their team leader, Courtney. This group of family and friends never fail to make their host, Dennis, smile when they come to the bar to play Trivia. Their secret to success is good old fashioned paper and pen – they keep a notebook when they play. For instance, when the clue posted online was a particular theater, they made notes about it in their notebook.When the bonus question was how many seats were in the theater, they knew the exact number because the website they used provided that information and they had it written down.

5. Menace to Sobriety

6. Trivial Beersuit

Trivialbeersuit is one of the favorite teams of Laura Settle, another Cincy trivia host. The team is made up of two brothers and their families. The team frequently travels to exotic locations like Iceland or South Asia, perhaps to study up on some Trivia!

7. That’s Our Baby Crying

8. Smarty Pints

9. Quiz Khalifa

10. Friends United in Common Knowledge

Friends United in Common Knowledge has had a lot of names and various players over the years, but they are always nice and friendly​. Their hobbies include singing karaoke to Disney songs and being nice to Trivia hosts.