Trivia Bites Guest Feature 1/9/19

Tune in Wednesday, January 9th at noon for Trivia Bites with Dave! This week’s guest participant, Dustin, is a well of “useless” 80s knowledge (his words, not ours) and an assassin at identifying Madonna songs. Get to know a bit more about him below. We’re all friends here.


What are your favorite/best Trivia categories and why?

Dustin: My best categories are probably 80’s pop culture and movies (80’s and 90’s). I grew up in the 80’s when the launch of MTV, the Atari 2600, and VCRs kickstarted the home entertainment revolution.  I was a bit of a couch potato as a kid and overdosed on music videos, 8-bit video games, and movies. As a result, my brain became a library of useless knowledge.  

What is your favorite Trivia question?

D: I once correctly identified Madonna’s Borderline in less than one measure during a music round of pub trivia. My wife still makes fun of me to this day.  

Do you recall any fun moments/stories of a time you’ve played Trivia at a bar or restaurant?  

D: In 2010, I was on an two-year overseas assignment, living and working in Spain. During a visit by my wife (girlfriend at the time) and several friends, we won pub trivia at a popular Irish bar. Our spoils – free drinks that evening. We clinched in the final round – a name-that-tune category – for which useless knowledge of 80’s pop music turned out to be pretty useful after all.

Trivia Bites with Dave is every Wednesday at noon via Facebook Live. Find us @TriviaLovers and play along with Dustin. See you there! 

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