How to Get Trivia-On-The-Go Now

We know you love playing Last Call trivia in the evenings. It’s what got you into reading this blog (well, that and the graceful wit and understated elegant wordsmithing involved). But does your thirst for knowledge only take place on trivia night? Of course not. You crave that random knowledge 24/7. So what do you do? You check out some of these cool trivia apps, for lovers of facts on the go. Download any of these to your smartphone (they’re all free!) and fill up your noggin with info that will dazzle your Last Call teammates!

Trivia Crack – This is the most popular trivia smartphone app by far. With categories similar to Trivial Pursuit, players can compete against random folks or Facebook friends. Spin the wheel, land on a category, answer a question in six different categories, and win. Simple, right? Well, watch out for opponents stealing your achievements!

QuizUp – Another popular iOS game, QuizUp matches up opponents based on category selection. Rounds are lightning fast, with players being scored on how fast they come up with correct answers to multiple choice questions. QuizUp distinguishes itself with an added social component, where chatting with players and friends about questions and answers can occur.

TriviaBurst – Another quiz app on a variety of topics, this game features head-to-head and timed challenges. Players can also view their stats and track them throughout your playing history.

True Or False–Test Your Wits – This is just as the title suggests – players beat the clock answering true or false questions that get progressively harder. An appealing aspect of this app is the multiplayer mode for different players to use on the same device.

Quizboard – A combination quiz and tile-laying game, Quizboard invites players to answer questions in different tile categories, all in the hopes of mapping your way to the end tile. Players vying to win must take advantage of power ups and strategic placement of tiles for their advantage.

Quizoid – This app is a no-frills trivia challenge. No friends, no bells, no whistles. Just straight up trivia questions for you to answer in the hopes of getting a high score. It may not be pretty, but it’s pretty tough.

Which games do you use? Let us know below in the comments.

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