Winter 2015 Semi-Finalists – Advancing to the Finals

Congratulations to the teams below for advancing to the Finals!

Invitations to the Finals are in the email inboxes of team captains as of 8am ET. Questions? Email

FInd out more about the City Tournament Finals by visiting our website:
Cincinnati | Cleveland | Portland


175Bidet, Mate!
272Blue Nerd of Paradise
372That’s What She Said
472The B Team
572Old Farts
671McPoyle Brothers
770JoJo Dancer You Life is Calling
870Chocolate is Not a Fruit
970Trivial Beersuit
1168That’s Original
1266Better Late Than Pregnant
1465Average Joes
1565Boss Squad
1765Quizlamic Extremists
1863Liquor Chest
1962Mario Speedwagon
2062New England Ranching Dogs


171Jennings Trebek
267Bottoms Up
364Lithuanian Militia
563Dixie Midwest
659Goon Squad
8554 Horsemen
954Wombat Combat
1052Dengue Fever
1149Taco Ticklers
1339Forget Me Nows
1431Mental Floss
1613Gary Busey’s Teeth


175Every Child Left Behind – 1386
274Tequila Mockingbird – 1345
371Fique le Belge – 1286
469Spare Squares – 1538
566Eye Candy – 1440
666Gonorrhea w/the Wind – 1210
765Cosmic Moon Puppies – 1279
865Girls Night Out – 1284
965Caboose – 1139
1065Team Taints – 1305
1164F Your I
1264A Symbol AKA Another Round – 1225
1364Beefhearts – 1024
1464The Best Friends Club – 1099
1563Squirrel – 1180
1663West Side Toads – 1014
1762Troy Math – 1018
1859Koi Clams – 1049
1959Tortellini – 1147
2058Cunning Linguists – 1347