Winter Finals 2017

Congratulations to all the teams who competed in the Last Call Trivia League this Winter 2017!

Below this chart, you will find some of our favorite facts and figures from the Finals.

Note: The first round of Ludimentis 2018 bids will arrive in your team captain’s email inbox on June 1, 2017.

League #
Team Name
Ludimentis Bid
Score at Winter Finals
3320Tyrannosaurus Sex 187
3438Mooseknuckle Sandwich285
3681Chic Filatio478
3506Marc Summer's Children777
3182Daycare Fight Club884
316089.3 Trivia Tuesday 1081
3449Killer Amoeba1180
3642The Hosers1577
3179A Rhesus is My Copilot2076
3446Wet Heaves2972
3227Blind Robin982
3370Tequila Mockingbird 1479
3440Sweep the Leg2473
3395Buster's Poindexters2573
3271Plural Rural Jurors69
3441Products of Public Education68
3276Know Nothings1280
3541Batten Down The Snatches 1677
3330Tequila Mockingbird68
3672Nice Marmot68
3631Trebek's Rejects65
3719Third Place52
3509Wasted Talent1380
3525Gaza Strippers 1777
3259Gone to the Dogs68
3189Literally, I Can't65
3476We May Be Stupid62
3364Team Staley41
3319In the Bag 1877
3436Voodoo Special1977
3177My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't69
3373Heavy Weight Champions68
3336Buttface Weinerfarts63
3224The Facts Machine60
3662Death by Snoo Snoo40
3289The Trivicorns 2176
3602Banatalie Portman2673
3300Brew Crew68
3579Adam and His Package65
3292League of Magnificent Bastards63
3491It's in the Syllabus57
3313Nick at Nite38
3367Those Aren't Pillows 2275
3448The A Team60
3500The Baby Knows All59
3593Dicker and Swap56
3173Team Revenant36
3627I Just Blue Myself 2374
3485Channel 4 News Team2873
3251Serenity Now57
3308Always & in the Banana Stand56
34999 Ince Males55
3553Hastily Named34
3407American Pale Males 3072
33413 Wise Men3172
3549Cake or Death66
3667Full Cortex Press52
3200Queens Full of Treys28
3343Lawrence of a labia 3272
3437Big Cans & The Tall Boys3372
3310Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangster66
3361Big Icecream54
3219Jerkin w/Jergins51
3480Quizatz Haderach50
3194Prestige Worldwide 72
3192Porn on the Cob70
3287Pecan Sandies65
3763Midas Whale48
3475Habitual Line Steppers47
3435Go Big or Go Home38
3169Recreational Gynecologists 71
3304Jennings Trebek69
3311Brain Damage64
3716Dixon Cider46
3220Southwest ID Temperance League45
3567Joe Buck Yourself37
3239Because We Suck at Volleyball67
3459Mediocre Presidents63
3226Smarty Pints43
3584Lucky Buckeyes40
3215Coming From Behind36
3314Uniballers 69
3661Average Joes65
3352There's No I in Trivia61
3731Big Brain on Brad41
3766Alternative Facts37
3187Trivia Minions30
3269Crazy Jump! 66
3217Troy Math61
3381Virginia Teen Woolf61
3574Bad Hombres & Nasty Women40
3674Insert Team Name Here29
3329Free Drinks at the Bar 66
3501Forget Me Nows60
3303Jehovahhs Witness Protection Program58
3433On a Lark39
3707Ragga Moose34
3614We Make You Look Smart28
3188Menace to Sobriety 66
3669Garmon and Psyfunkel57
3489We Treat Objects Like Women37
3637The S.S. Friendship32
3761Briefless Encounter27
3176Ronaissance Men 66
3375Cheese & Crackwhores54
3286E Equals MC Hammered52
3322Nad Hammer35
3186Old Man28
3497I Shih Tzu Not 65
3242Quiz on My Face54
3392Tipsy Teetotalers52
3515Turd Ferguson29
3559Book Club27
3237Red Hot Trivia Peppers23
3690Chardee Macdennis 63
3508It's A Double53
3302Sit Ubu Sit50
3623Pharmers Only29
3445Coon &Friends27
3267Big Bang Gang0
333980085 61
3561Stray Cats53
3412F Your I46
3384Beer Make Smart28
3277Oprah's Fight Club0
3249Minotaur 60
3606Lithuanian Militia50
34082C Goosey26
3540Responsibly Crunk0
3165The Foxymorons 58
3159Paper Boys47
3479The Salmon of Capistrano41
3486Monster Cookies26
3434Bob Ross & the Joys ofPainting 57
3562Mothers of Rentention40
3443Tom Brady's Deflated Ballz40
3728The O.C.25
3207FriendsUnitedinCommonKnowledge 54
3234Star Wars Reference39
3458Princess Leia's Buns38
3646The Stinky Pinkies25
3288Just The Tip 52
3385Darth Vader Ginsburg37
3482Goon Squad36
3589Half Baked19
3247Electric Monks 51
3483Taco Ticklers36
3396Twin Powers Activate32
3514Rafael Reverse Cowgirl Jeter15
3291Larry's Homework 38
3702Don't Quiz on My Face32
3447Fucking Ninjas on a Mission28
3617Dengue Fever31
3638The Peeps28
3163Chocolate Is Not A Fruit 22
3391The France Scene Fish Pause20
3456The People with the Baby0

Top 10 Highest Scores

Scores of 1st Place Teams

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The highest scoring teams this Winter were in Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Louisville.